Our Team

The Katapult Quiver

Nathan Pollock


“I love that moment where great ideas are born and true breakthroughs are made, when the team leapfrogs each other with refinements that create a solution that is both surprising and delightful. Working as a team with talented people to solve problems in a meaningful way is what ID is about.”

The brains trust, engine room and ‘face’ of Katapult, Nathan is ultimately responsible for the projects that come out the door; his philosophy ‘it’s not what you add, but what you take away’ underpinning his creative direction. He prides himself on having built a team of clever, passionate designers that truly care about providing an amazing service to clients.

A self-confessed surfing obsession sees Nathan sitting thigh-deep in water most mornings. Family, friends, good food and beer also serve to feed the soul.

Lloyd Fenn

Technical Director

Lloyd is a quirky mix of engineer and designer, knock-around bloke and deep thinker, practical joker and serious contributor. He fits perfectly within the ebbs and flows of the Katapult studio.

Resolving complex problems with deceptively simple solutions is what drives Lloyd. His attention to detail and willingness to tackle difficult tasks make him a go to man for our more aesthetically orientated team members whenever they need technical firepower.

With more than 14 years experience in design consulting, Lloyd has the runs on the board at work but there’s more to him than meets the eye. An avid urban gardener, his Instagram has a dedicated following of like-minded city farmers. However, you’re more likely to find Lloyd wrangling his 3 small children than roping a steer.

In the little spare time he has left at the end of the day he loves nothing better than cooking home grown food and sampling the latest Mornington Peninsula wine.

Lee Rodezno

Design Director

Lee relishes the opportunity to help everyday people improve their experience with everyday products. “Clever design is the key to the success of any product and I am blessed to be surrounded by influential team members who share similar views and design goals.”

An Industrial Design thoroughbred, Lee has led projects at various consultancies for over 15 years, imparts his teachings of Product Design at RMIT, and even develops his own products on the side for his business, Javi Design. His role at Katapult spans the entire project, from design development through to prototype testing and production; his approach underpinned by the desire to have an impact on work that makes a positive difference to our world.

When not madly designing, Lee is madly playing, reading about, or watching basketball and soccer.

Troy Nyssen

Creative Director

Troy believes that great design experiences should be accessible to everyone. Forever championing the end-user, Troy ensures every project begins with a thorough investigation into the user’s world; their behaviours, motivations and pain points. It is with this deep understanding that true areas for innovation are revealed. When it comes to the physical design, Troy’s eye for simplicity creates beautiful, intuitive, timeless solutions.

Troy’s passion for user experience comes from 17 years designing front-end solutions for major Australian design and innovation consultancies. Beyond traditional product design, his skills lie in UX and digital design, FMCG and strategic/consumer research, and holistic system development.

In his downtime, a love for the outdoors sees Troy snowboarding, hiking, riding and swimming.

Lars Milde

Head of Engineering

There’s nothing Lars loves more than creating an experience for people. For him, that is what design is about.

Lars’ time at Katapult is spent nutting out elegant mechanical concepts, finding solutions to make things possible, researching materials, processes, designing the details and generally seeing the project through to production.

Lars has been tackling design problems for more years than not, attending a specialised college for Mechanical Engineering at the ripe old age of 17. Since then, he has worked in Germany and Australia, specialising in exhibit design, audio products, consumer and medical product development.

Lars literally gets his kicks out restoring vintage Vespas, the best moment being the first kick after a long engine rebuild.

Kim Pollock

Studio Manager

Kim is a true people person. Positive, helpful and thoughtful, she’s like the big sister organising a bunch of rowdy, sometimes disorganised brothers. Her role keeps the cogs turning as she manages the Byron Studio and assists with admin for the rest of the team at large. Without Kim, we’d be buried beneath piles of paperwork and unable to do what we do best and focus on project work.

Kim’s background in client management has seen her work for swimwear icon Speedo, to more recently running her own homewares agency. She’s also a mum to three teenagers!

Kim is addicted to fitness – if it cracks a sweat, she’ll give it a go. She loves good food, is an amazing cook and to top it all off, is pretty handy on the dance floor too.

Michael Rossignuolo

Design Director

Michael is inspired by design in everyday life, so he counts his lucky stars that he gets to live and breath it for work as well. He loves the challenge of a new project and being able to put his creative problem solving hat on to turn initial ideas into positive tangible experiences.

With 15 years in design consultancies under his belt, Michael has cut his teeth on almost every aspect of the design process. At Katapult, he’s involved from the get-go in the initial research, through to concepting, UI design, graphic and brand design. From making cups of tea to doing control drawings, Michael will do whatever it takes to get a project out the door at the highest possible quality.

New to fatherhood with a baby girl, Michael spends the rest of what little spare time he now has consumed by basketball, heading to the beach or enjoying a giant bowl of his grandmother’s homemade gnocchi.

Tristan Brega

Senior Designer

Tristan is one of Katapult’s design allrounders. He can talk technical details with the best of them, but also has a highly developed sense of good design and simple, clean aesthetics. His previous experience designing household consumer products sharpened his ability to make sure things are beautiful and clever, but remain cost effective and manufacturable.

At Katapult, he takes responsibility for a good chunk of our detailed 3D CAD design, supplier communications and client liaison. His considered design solutions and creative problem solving mean he’s a great link between our concept and engineering teams.

As one of the millennials in our team, Tristan does like to balance a hectic work life with a quirky mix of adventure activities like hiking, camping and photography in between sampling single roast coffees and smashed avocado on toast at the coolest cafes in town. That is, of course, when he’s not playing Xbox with his mates.

Mike George

Industrial Designer

Mike travelled half way across the world from his home in the UK and knocked on our door. From our first encounter we couldn’t resist his friendly English attitude or his willingness to roll the sleeves up and get stuck in. The fact he’s got some serious design skills honed at some of England’s leading design consultancies was just a bonus.

His clever creative thinking and beautiful presentation skills mean he’s dovetailed into our creative team like an old mate. It’s great to have that youthful enthusiasm adding a global flavour to our work.

In his downtime you’ll find Mike exploring the bars and alleyways of Melbourne, enjoying great food, drink, art and good times with friends and fellow hipsters.

James Burns

Product Design Engineer

James is a quiet, considered type who thinks deeply about creating valuable experiences for users by designing high quality, lasting products. He enjoys diving deep into problems to tease out simple, on-point solutions.

As a product engineer his focus is on technical design, product detailing and 3D CAD, but his good humour (he’s the king of the office puns) and thoughtful approach mean he’s always at the front line of client and supplier communications for Katapult as well.

When not slaving over his computer, you’ll find James tackling some crazy rock overhang with his climbing mates, shooting hoops on the court or enjoying a sneaky craft beer at one of the inner city bars around Melbourne.