Harvest Case and N-Connex

20th May 2017

Excited to share we have not one but two entries that have received Good Design Selections: iBark Harvest Case and N-Connex.
The competition is always fierce with entries coming from all over the world. We received some very encouraging feedback on the designs from the jury:

NLT N-Connex

‘High-end design for a rugged, no-fuss utility product. It is clear that a professional design team worked on every aspect of this product. The end result is a professionally executed product that does what it has to do with elegance and simplicity.’

iBark Harvest Case

‘There is a lot of promise with this product. The Jury commends the designers for choosing materials that will have a reduced impact on our fragile environment. Overall, this is a beautifully resolved product that offers more than just good looks and function.’