Supersonic Passenger Airplanes

Today is really exciting for us. Our clients, Boom Aero, are launching the XB-1 prototype of their new supersonic passenger airplane and we’ll be there to see the unveiling.

The Denver, Colorado, based startup has a vision to design and build a plane that can travel more that twice as fast as current airliners, slashing the Sydney to LA route to a around 6 hours. Their commercial proposition focuses on achieving this with greater fuel efficiency than ever before, keeping ticket prices at or below today’s business class levels.

The XB-1 is a 1:5 scale demonstrator of their new aircraft that will be used for flight tests starting early 2017. For Katapult, being commissioned to develop interior concepts for this aircraft has been one of this year’s highlight projects.

Boom’s focus is not simply on speed though. They want to create a unique, luxury feel that is focused on the UX. Our goal was to develop a design direction that delivered passenger comfort, innovative features and a more personalised journey. It has been both exciting and challenging.

16th November 2016

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