Fliteboard Wins​ Gold Award for Product Design

We’re excited to announce that Fliteboard has won a prestigious Gold Award for Product Design at this year’s Good Design Awards. Winning an accolade of this calibre is a true team effort. We are blessed to work on this amazing project with an inspiring group led by David Trewern and the Flite team, Tekt Industries and Emax Engineering.

Fliteboard has gone from idea to world leader in the efoil category in 18 months through innovative thinking, a commitment to design and a willingness to push the technology boundaries.

We think it’s a pretty cool product, but have a read of what the Good Design Awards Jury thought…

“Stunning design all round. Every single aspect of this product has been meticulously thought out. The 90 minute run-time battery is really a unique feature and the design of the housing means it can be submerged – a pioneering step forward for battery design. The handheld controller is simple, intuitive and highly functional for the environment of use. The simple vibration feedback in the controller is very clever and has clearly been designed with the user at the center of the process. The whole package is well thought through – casing and graphics quiet motor both in water and out, balanced designed compared to competitors and above all, the safety aspects have been carefully considered. This is without doubt a world class sporting product and a brilliant example of a good idea turned into an excellent product through professional design. Well done.”

Image © Flite

12th July 2019

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