Boom Supersonic

Supersonic Airline Interior

Sir Richard Branson and Boom Supersonic have recently launched an ambitious plan to develop a new supersonic airliner that promises to reduce flying times on major routes by more than half, whilst keeping fares within reach of mainstream customers. It’s one of the most exciting developments in commercial aviation for the last 60 years and we’re along for the ride.


Industrial Design
Supplier Sourcing

Industrial Design & User Experience

Our concepts took inspiration from other markets to create an interior that had a light, futuristic feel, yet retained some of the plush luxuries associated with traditional business class flights.

It was important to us to honour the traditions associated with commercial flight, but also deliver a cutting edge, aspirational experience. Beautifully detailed finishes like the stitched leather seats, accent timber floors and the subtle lighting, combine with state of the art tech. Wide screen monitors, touchscreen controls, full internet access, task lighting and clever storage create a personal work or relaxation space for world class passenger experience.

The preferred concept hits a sweet spot between luxury and practicality. The under seat luggage storage provides a larger, more welcoming space. Forward reclining seats enabled us to better utilise the rear surfaces and integrate with the side cabin wall to great effect. The result is a private, personal cocoon that feels fresh and modern.

Development & Visualisation

With a preferred design direction sorted, our industrial design teams focus shifted to 3D CAD modelling. We built our design inside the Boom Supersonic fuselage model, cross checking ergonomics, tweaking layout and spacing to optimise the available room.

Materials, finishes, lighting treatments and user interface design were chosen to help define the environment and highly realistic renders of the interior were created. These views have been used as some of the key publicity assets prior to the Boom Supersonic Airliner scheduled launch in 2023.

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