eo is a provocative new startup focused on innovation in sports technology. They’re working with the smartest minds in sports science, to unlock the latent power in every body by applying new research discoveries and innovations to sport. eo exist to accelerate human progress.

Katapult is working with eo and their development partners to design and deploy an overall product aesthetic across a broad range of cutting edge sports tech applications.


Industrial Design
Creative Direction
Supplier sourcing
Production Implementation

Industrial Design Active Mask 2

22nd Century

The brief was to create a near future aesthetic that is simultaneously grounded in considered design principles whilst allowing freedom to move outside constraints. If athletes are pushing the boundaries, as designers we should be too.

The result is a series of illustrated guidelines that manage aspects as diverse as the silhouette, transitions, form and visual feedback. We’ve even enshrined the idea of an ‘element of surprise’ to celebrate eo’s irreverent brand image.

Diversity vs Recognition

The challenge for Katapult was developing a look and feel that delivers elite functionality in a diverse range of products across many sports, but remains immediately recognisable as an eo product. We worked closely with eo’s branding team and the key development partners to create the stunning new design directions.

eo is hitting the market with 2 initial products SwimBETTER, a palm worn device that helps swimmers improve their technique fast and NuroCHEK, a rapid field side concussion assessment tool. Both are game changers in their fields, but they are just the start. Whilst these 2 products are world’s apart in terms of function, they clearly set the benchmark for the eo family.

Several more products are already under development including a genre shifting ankle brace and a smart wearable that monitors athlete hydration in real time. Others will follow as the team builds out their suite of game changers.


Collaboration & Win

The success of eo is founded in excellence through collaboration. Katapult has worked with eo’s team of world leading sports scientists, elite athletes, strategic development partners and a global network of manufacturers to help bring these products to life. As a group we continue to challenge the status quo in the push for progress. This is just the beginning…



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