The EVOLVE MVMT wearable is the brain child of the passionate and creative mind of Luke Pickett. An experienced physiotherapist, he felt there was a way to understand a patient’s movement in more detail to train them to walk more efficiently to improve fitness outcomes and help recover from injury faster. This product is the manifestation of his dream to understand complex biomechanical interactions with greater accuracy and then utilise that data to help people. 


Industrial Design
User Experience
Production Implementation

Discreet, Simple & Accurate 

The EVOLVE MVMT wearable is specifically designed to not get in the way. It’s simple design is easy to fit and position, comfortable and discreet to wear and reliable in output. 

The streamlined body sits comfortably on the ankle during exercise, providing real time biometric feedback whilst the wearer is virtually unaware that it’s on. The UX has been deeply considered to make setup and operation as fast and easy as possible. The accuracy and relevance of the data is proving to be of the highest quality. 

A Considered Experience 

All aspects of a user’s interaction with the wearable were considered by the team. Whether it be the fitting of the product, the interaction with the app or the simple but sophisticated packaging solution, every detail adds up to a satisfying experience. 

Our team worked hard to refine the packaging to suit both retail and DTC applications. It needed to look great in store, be minimalist in terms of materials and provide impact protection during transport. Oh, and it had to be delivered at a low target cost of goods. We’re delighted with the outcome. 

New Technology Requires Development 

When we design products on the edge of existing technology our clients are invariably pushing the limits of what’s possible. With EVOLVE MVMT it meant not only understanding how this product worked, but working closely with the project team to create a product that could deliver on the promise. 

Working closely with Luke and his team, we prototyped and tested the product multiple times to validate and refine the final outcome. Our team were also involved in developing a simple charging cradle, refining the UI for the product and designing, sourcing and delivering a suitable soft good band to hold the device against the body. 

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