strava splint bath_medical product design

Splint Bath


As designers, we love to shake up the status quo. Strava is a product that gave us an opportunity to design a product that would change a category.

By approaching the problem from a user’s perspective, we’ve been able to create a wholistic solution that eliminates existing pain points and adds unexpected value to practitioners through considered design details and clever engineering.


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strava splint bath_medical product design

A Paradigm Shift

Strava has been specifically designed from the ground up to improve the UX for splinting clinicians, moving the industry from outdated, inefficient stainless steel enclosures to a sophisticated user-centric bench top device.

Combining a completely new look with innovative UV sterilisation, a high heat sanitation mode, more efficient heat control and a programmable UI meant that Strava has changed the way practitioners think about splinting, simplifying the process to allow them more time to focus on the patient.

The new design looks contemporary, is cost effective and highly durable. Its compact, accordion fold glass lid allows high visibility of the work area during operation and easy access to the bath in tight spaces.

Designed in Australia and manufactured locally in the US by veterans to an IEC61010-2 safety compliance rating, Strava is a poster child for design-led collaboration. 

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