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SafeSITE HazardAI is a family of connected machine vision AI sensors that provide a coverage network designed to keep workers out of harms way on busy worksites. The vehicle mounted AIM100 is the latest addition to the product family.


Industrial Design
Ergonomic Analysis
3D CAD Modelling
Mechanical Engineering
Prototyping and Testing
Design For Manufacture
Production Implementation

Define the Brand

We love opportunities to help clients define their brand for the future. The SafeSITE range is an innovative, vehicle mounted edge computing system that is utilised mainly in the mining, tunnelling and maritime industries. The AIM100 unit needed to create a brand aesthetic that projected a sense of safety, looked contemporary but also remained relevant in these hostile use environments.

Our team referenced existing brand language to create a form and product architecture that was highly recognisable whilst ensuring it remained extremely practical. The distinctive look and colourways are clearly identifiable as a Strata product and will form the basis for future models in the system.

Fit for Purpose

We worked closely with Strata’s team to understand use cases, internal technology and likely technical risks. Cost effective and rugged aluminium extrusion and CNC construction were quickly identified as a likely path and concepts explored.

We assessed internal space claims, vehicle mounting scenarios, thermal management and camera viewing angles to come up with a simple, yet versatile, barrel geometry. Fit-for-purpose functionality was always our priority, but we don’t mind saying it looks pretty cool too!

A Glimpse Under the Hood

Our design process is part of the ‘secret sauce’ that Katapult brings to projects. It is always collaborative, deliberately curious and carefully considered. You’ll see here a small example of the journey for the AIM100 project from initial thumbnail sketches through to early concept CAD and digital images to the final design. Along the way we build prototypes, test ideas and often circle back to re-think. All the while working closely with the client to challenge assumptions and ensure effective outcomes.

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