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Announcing Linea by Honest Supply

A while back we decided as a group that we’d like to utilise our design super powers more directly and produce our own products. The plan was to create products that were worthwhile, considered and low tech, while at the same time giving our team the opportunity to ‘stretch their legs’ on something a little less stressful than some of our day to day challenges.

We’re proud to say that the Katapult team has really embraced the idea and, after building out a shortlist, have honed in on one of our favourite topics in modern life, coffee.

We’ve built a brand called Honest Supply and today have launched our first product offering under that banner – Linea.

We’ve worked extremely hard to design a range coffee cups and saucers that will delight espresso drinkers. The Linea products have a distinctive, contemporary form and come in 4 timeless colours. They’re cast from highly durable stoneware with a flowing parabolic curved interior surface for a great milk pour and feature an easy stacking shape.

The attention to detail has been a focus, with many rounds of prototypes tested by our team and local baristas (way too much coffee has been consumed!). We’ve collaborated with cafe owners, coffee lovers and our extended families to produce a group of products that we hope will form the backbone of a growing series.

Along the way we’ve built relationships with crafts people, we’ve designed a brand, developed a website, created a catalogue, built packaging and scratched together a business plan. All with a sense of excitement and fun.

If you’d like to know more, or perhaps pre-order your sets for home, office or cafe, check out

If your interest lies in the design process, take a behind the scenes look at how we’ve built something honest, beautiful and fun here.

16th May 2023

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