15 Years of Innovation, Trust and Design Excellence

Welcome to Katapult Design, where 15 years of unwavering commitment to innovation, trust, and design excellence have forged a global reputation.

Since our inception in 2009, we have transformed from a living room dream to an award winning design leader. Explore our journey through the timeline below to see the milestones that define our resilience, creativity and enduring partnerships.




Inception & Growth

Katapult begins in 2009 from Nathan Pollock’s lounge room, launching the first design consultancy in Byron Bay. By 2011, with projects like the world’s first wireless TENs machine, the living room dream evolves, gaining a second office and a Red Dot Best of the Best Award.


New Ventures, Noteworthy Wins

Growth continues with projects spanning golf products, bottle openers, and more. Awards follow for projects like Vesda-E, with Katapult’s presence in Sydney and new collaborations driving growth.



Diversification & Crowdfunding Success

Diverse projects emerge, from metal detectors to innovative smart construction helmets. The Flow Hive crowdfunding launch becomes the world’s largest Indiegogo campaign, raising over US$16m.


Pivotal Achievements & Flagship Projects

A pivotal year sees over 30 projects and crossing the $1M mark. NIFTI becomes Katapult’s most complex project, while Boom Aerospace’s supersonic commuter aircraft remains a flagship endeavour.


Major Client Relationships & Recognition

Major projects for Boom, ADabisc, eHat, NLT, and Glowpear. NLT’s N-Connex earns awards and Katapult forms enduring relationships with global leaders Vessel and Fliteboard. These enduring relationships will demonstrate the ROI of design over the next half decade.


New Studios, Big Clients & Project Highlights

New studios in Byron Bay and Melbourne, with 40 projects for clients like Minelab, Gardena/Neta and Kismet. Highlights include concepts for the Micro-X CT brain scanner and contemporary takes on a splint bath and mobility walker.


Surpassing $2M Revenue & Design Triumphs

Revenue exceeds $2M with innovative projects for Creatures of Leisure, Enphase Energy, and Evolve MVMT. Fliteboard’s Series 2 wins top awards, solidifying Katapult’s reputation in sports tech.


Sydney Expansion Amidst Pandemic

Amidst the pandemic, the Sydney studio at the Commons opens. The team grows to 15, working on projects globally, including partnerships with Active Mask and Pleyo, as well as the Nutromics smart wearable medical patch.


Global Recognition & Company Restructure

A landmark year with significant new projects for favourite clients including Fliteboard, SWCO, Minelab and Micro-X plus a new collaboration with Rode Microphones pushing revenue over $4m for the first time. Katapult evolves, forming Katapult Group and embarking on strategic joint ventures as part of the next phase of growth.


Post-COVID Growth & Engineering Excellence

Post-COVID growth sees a team of 24, a flagship studio in Fitzroy, and over 70 projects. Engineering and testing excellence rise, with collaborations with Rode Microphones, FCS, and Sussex Taps.


Internal Reflection & Client Collaborations

In a downturn, Katapult internally reflects, restructuring and focusing on ‘The Katapult Way.’ Deeper client collaborations include Quad Lock, Flite and innovative projects like Creatures of Leisure’s Proto 1.4 Traction.


Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence

15 years of hard work has produced a legacy of high quality, innovative design solutions. Our reputation as a global design leader and collaborative force continues to grow. We remain immensely proud of our team, clients and impactful projects.

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