Fliteboard Series 2


Fliteboard Series 2 is the next evolution for the world’s leading eFoil. Lighter, faster and more manoeuvrable than it’s award winning predecessors, Series 2 sets new standards in rider experience.


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The Ultra

At Katapult we pride ourselves on our long term client relationships. These deep partnerships allow our team to become integral to the evolution of brands, creating greater value and better outcomes.

The Ultra was conceived as a high performance model aimed at experienced riders. Designed from the outset to be smaller, lighter and more agile, Ultra is ideal for carving moves in big surf or performing crazy open ocean aerials.

Katapult’s team collaborated closely with Flite’s engineers, hydrodynamicists and test riders to create a paradigm shift in performance whilst retaining the sought after Flite levels of finish and UX. The innovative new board shape, refined fuselage & tail, added foot straps and integration of a range of high performance wings have opened up completely new possibilities for water sports enthusiasts.

Improving on Great

Fliteboard Series 1 was regarded as the best eFoil in the world but, like all great products, there’s always room for improvements. In addition to the increased performance of the Ultra, our focus as a team was to improve product reliability, reduce manufacturing challenges & costs and improve the UX.

Moving the receiver from the board into the Flite Box was a key win. Simplified cabling, board manufacture and an improved rider arming sequence eliminated some of Series 1’s risk areas.

Adding an interactive light bar UI on the board has introduced a high level rider feedback system that compliments the more detailed Flite Controller UI during setup and riding. Refining the fuselage fin and tail geometry has created a distinctive new look for Series 2 and improved hydrodynamics. When paired with Flite’s innovative new wing models, the eFoils are both beautiful and high performance

Defence Innovations

Range Extension

Whilst much of the Series 2 work focused on the flagship Ultra range, there was also considerable thought put into refining the existing range of products. Key top-end features were filtered down through the the other models to benefit all users.

The Air underwent a significant re-design to make it smaller and lighter to address Series 1 user feedback and improve ride, particularly for beginners. Across all models greater emphasis was placed in integrating new material finishes, colours and design details to raise the level of finish and improve durability.


Images © Flite


Australian Good Design Award Best in Class Accolade for Fliteboard ULTRA 2021
German Design Council ABC Award 2021

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