Engineering Capabilities

Katapult was created first and foremost as an industrial design focused agency. As the business has matured we’ve drastically increased our engineering capabilities across the team to better meet our clients’ needs. We now have 4 full time product design engineers, an experienced engineer who leads our project management team and a mechanical engineering intern to complement our group of technical industrial designers. This engineering firepower has supercharged our capabilities over the last 3-4 years.

This has enabled us to dive deeper into mechanism design, material specification, DFM issues, prototype and product testing to ultimately fast track product assessment and development.

We routinely test prototypes, review successes and failures, refine the design and test again. This iterative sprint process increases our confidence in the solution and helps our clients launch products faster with less risk.

Our Industrial Design Engineer, Thao Nguyen, spends plenty of her time in our workshop refining prototypes, leading testing and breaking things! The findings are always useful, even if they don’t always turn out as expected.

The positive learnings and intelligent decision making deliver better projects in a more cost effective manner.

24th April 2023

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