Flite Skate For April Fools

Much of the time our work is pretty serious, with clients investing significant time, effort and cost in developing new products to stay ahead of their competitors. It’s a challenging, rapid fire environment that requires an unwavering attention to detail, but every now and then we get to really ‘stretch our legs’ and have some fun. Fliteskate was one of those opportunities.

Our long time client, Fliteboard, asked us to help develop a conceptual product for use on one of their regular social media campaigns. The concept needed to relate to the Flite brand but be thought provoking for their engaged community.

The Katapult team put their heads together and produced this concept for an electric skateboard that leveraged a lot of Flite’s capabilities in the electric vehicle space (including using the existing Flite Controller). The design deliberately gives a nod to the Flite aesthetic and tech knowhow, whilst exploring a new market sector. It proved to be a big hit on social media.

You can see more about the project here

2nd April 2022

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