Fliteboard Pre Sale Launch

Today sees the pre-sale launch for one of the most exciting products we’ve been involved with recently, Fliteboard.

It’s an eFoil. That is, an electric powered hydrofoil surfboard and it’s the latest frontier in powered water sports. We’ve been lucky enough to work closely with inventor and entrepreneur David Trewern to help him and his team take his product idea from a home built prototype to a fully resolved commercial product. It’s been highly rewarding to design and develop such a technical product.

Our role has been to make sure it remains rugged and reliable whilst ensuring it looks beautiful, blending complex performance requirements with aesthetics and a deep consideration of user experience.

Whilst the process is still ongoing, we’re far enough down the track to know that we’re working with an amazing group on something special. This is a paradigm shifting project but, best of all, it’s super fun too.

Checkout the Fliteboard website and maybe order one for yourself?

28th March 2018

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