Glowpear Mini

Now On Indiegogo

After many months of customer research, design, development and back room planning we’re extremely proud to announce the launch of the new Glowpear Mini self watering planter range on crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

Designed as the more versatile ‘little brother’ to the original Urban Garden, the Mini utilises the same set & forget on-demand self watering technology, but presents it in a more compact size and 3 different formats – Bench, Wall & Rail.

Like the Urban Garden, the design details have been highly considered and are a direct response to feedback from current Glowpear customers. Engineered especially for growing edible plants, the Mini allows urban gardeners the ability to grow produce on their kitchen bench, spread across an unused wall space or hanging over a rooftop balustrade.

To find out more, or even purchase your own Mini, check out the Indiegogo campaign today.

12th April 2016

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