Covid-19 changed our lives in 2020. Social distancing, washing hands and wearing face masks became ubiquitous across the globe. These changes helped us fight the spread, but also introduced massive supply and disposal issues for the typical single use masks. More sustainable than single use masks and more effective than washable cloth masks, ActiveMask shifts the expectations for modern PPE.


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Industrial Design Active Mask 2

Sustainable Tech

Active Mask was designed from the ground up to be re-usable, safe and comfortable for long periods of use. Boasting filtered 1-way air intake valves and a central exhale valve, the air flow is highly controlled but not constrained. Custom designed filters use a state-of-the-art sandwich of activated carbon cloth and woollen fibre to clean bacteria and dust from the air without obstructing flow.

The mask itself is moulded in super flexible, medical grade silicone in a compliant profile that smoothly seals on the wearer’s face to prevent contaminated air from sneaking in, providing optimal protection and comfort. Active Mask is easily cleaned and sterilised for re-use.

Professional Focus

Customisable front panels can be easily branded to suit organisations like the police, ambulance, fire services or even corporate identities. Lightweight, adjustable straps, configurable filter layouts and different sized masks create flexible solutions for business and government customers. We’ve even included an integrated face shield to provide added protection for emergency workers and a cool belt pouch for on-the-go storage.


Rapid Development

When fighting a pandemic, speed is crucial to success. Active Mask was developed in a series of agile sprints, with rapid concept design, prototyping and testing being undertaken by our team. Designs were challenged, revised and re-tested in quick succession over a few short weeks in combination with materials research, soft good development and detailed supplier liaison to ensure Design For Manufacture goals were met.

Multiple pre-production prototypes were built for early compliance testing, focus group reviews and pre-sales presentations. Suppliers were engaged early to optimise lead times and solve complex design challenges.



Australian Good Design Award Gold Accolade in the Commercial and Industrial Category 2021

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