Everyone has memories of struggling down to the beach with too much gear, struggling from the car over scorching hot sand, dropping items whilst trying to corral kids, the dog and your precious surfboard. Easterly is here to change that experience.

The Pull-About is a fully compactible, all terrain cart designed specifically to be durable, functional and highly portable. It’ll quickly become part of the family.

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Build a Brand

When working with entrepreneurs and startups one of the key criteria is to design new products that showcase their brand. It’s critically important that the first release of any new offering has a presence and character that represents the company’s ethos.

In designing the Pull-About, we were very conscious of delivering a concept that echoed Easterly’s contemporary, adventure driven beach aesthetic. We worked closely with Easterly’s team and their brand specialists to produce an iconic form that sets them apart from competitors.

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Feature Driven Concepts

The original design brief from Easterly focused on solving key challenges with existing carts. This meant that improved functionality was the number one target. Above all else, the Pull-About needed to be useful, a product that was genuinely all terrain, simple to manoeuvre, stable when loaded and easy to clean. It also needed to collapse into a compact size for transport and storage.

Katapult’s team worked closely with Easterly to evaluate the good and bad of existing products and then identify ways to make a difference. Concepts were explored, formats challenged and styles debated.

Inspired by collapsible prams, the final design retains a huge 80kg carrying capacity, yet packs down to one third it’s size in seconds. It’s UV and water resistant soft good material is easy to clean and removable for washing.

Durability and Performance

The product needed to be highly durable, suitable for the harsh Australian outdoors. The design of the frame, the robustness of the components and the selection of materials (hard & soft) were chosen for quality and longevity.

Katapult’s team developed prototypes and worked closely with Easterly’s preferred manufacturer to refine the product for manufacture. Tough beach testing (ok, so it wasn’t hard to get our team to go to the beach) resulted in clever refinements along the way that will no doubt position Easterly at the top end of the market.

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