The eHat provides on-the-job training and enhanced safety for the industrial workforce. With video and voice connectivity via your smartphone, you can get practical, on-site supervision from expert trainers anytime, anywhere.


Industrial Design
Production Implementation

The Opportunity

More and more trades people are being trained in the classroom with less hands-on, supervised, on-the-job training available. This trend is impacting the safety and productivity of industrial workplaces around the world.

With practical skill levels dropping, particularly in isolated areas where supervisors are not accessible it means inexperienced staff have to deal with complex issues on their own, out in the field. This leads to companies needing to employ more senior supervisors to support less experienced staff on site.

The eHat system was conceived to allow less experienced trades people the opportunity to train on the job without the need for direct supervision. By utilising eHat’s video and voice connectivity, trades people can communicate with supervisors remotely in real time, letting them see and hear what they are experiencing without actually being there.

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