GO-FIND opens up treasure hunting for beginners, moving beyond the enthusiast market with a simple, intuitive and fun solution. Incorporating market leading technology into a consumer focused product has helped Minelab attract new customers and grow their brand.


Industrial Design
User Experience
User Interface Design

User Interface

The User Interface of many existing detectors is complex and frustrating, often requiring considerable learning. Minelab wanted GO-FIND to be simple for the uninitiated to pick up and get started.

Katapult’s aim was to strip away the superfluous and make GO-FIND more intuitive. We created an icon based interface that was visually familiar, developing a layout that was less complex and easier to reach with one hand.

Industrial Design

Design and developing GO-FIND was a highly collaborative process between Katapult and Minelab’s broader design and engineering team. In this case, our role focused on the industrial design related aspects of the project.

Initial research involved detailed product testing, user trials & follow up interviews (for both novices and experts), competitor research/evaluation and creating key user personas to help inform our concept design direction. A preferred design direction was chosen and concept refinement was completed. Photo-real product renderings and a high quality, articulating appearance model were produced to help key stakeholders assess the design.

In the the concept design phase we built test rigs by hacking existing products to quickly assess configuration, balance, collapsibility and functionality. We explored styling directions that were aligned to our research findings.

The development phase saw significant cross-over collaboration between the various design teams to ensure that the needs of the user were aligned with the mechanical and electronic requirements. Our team provided 3D CAD surface models to the engineers and helped troubleshoot the detailed design phase.


Good Design Award Sports and Lifestyle Category 2016

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