Lock+Load Wheelbarrow

Cyclone Tools

Cyclone Industries asked Katapult to design an innovative and contemporary DIY wheelbarrow with a twist… make it flat pack and allow the customer to assemble it without tools in under 5 minutes. Our solution is a rethink on what a wheelbarrow can be, providing an innovative solution that injects some wow factor into a tired category.


Industrial Design
Production Implementation
Graphic Design


​Wheelbarrows are an awkward shape, resulting in a high proportion of wasted space when transporting fully assembled units or a costly and time consuming assembly process in-store prior to being put on display if the products are shipped as components.

Katapult designed a wheelbarrow that can be ‘flat packed’ to minimise space and optimise packing volume during it’s journey from factory to store and allow the customer to easily take it home in their car.

Our light bulb moment was to store all the components that make up the wheelbarrow within its own tub. The beautifully detailed parts pack neatly inside and can be snapped together, using easy to follow instructions on the packaging, by a DIY handyman or gardener in less than 5 minutes, no tools required!

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