Miniaturised CT Baggage Scanner


Spending precious time waiting forever in snaking lines of anxious commuters has become a modern travel curse. Security and safety concerns outweigh passenger convenience, causing passengers and staff to be more frustrated and stress levels to increase in line with time delays. Micro-X want to shift the paradigm.


User Experience
System Design
Industrial Design
User Interface Design
Production Documentation

Industrial Design Active Mask 2

The Challenge

Micro-X are global leaders in portable and small scale x-ray technology. They have identified an opportunity to re-imagine airport check-ins to create a faster, more seamless traveller experience and commissioned Katapult to help bring the idea to life.

The result is a highly compact, user friendly Baggage Scanner that is easily deployable, scalable and versatile enough to suit airports of the future. Designed to allow regular customers to quickly and easily self-check their carry-on luggage, the new system will speed throughput and provide industry leading security scanning capabilities. Clever design has created a vastly simpler, cheaper device that saves time and cost on installation and operation. It’s a win win.

Prototype and Validate

The UX for this product is particularly physical and so we took a practical approach. Full scale mockups were built and tested. Issues were discovered, challenges discussed and concepts refined. Higher fidelity mockups superseded the earlier models, increasing the team’s understanding and confidence.

This design driven investigation lead to the innovative ‘lazy Susan’ style luggage turntable configuration that allowed for a minimal footprint, faster throughput, reduced product complexity and improved recognition fidelity.

Industrial Design Active Mask 2

User Interface

Everyone knows airport check-ins are stressful places. Time pressures, confusion and crowded environments add to the logistics hurdles, so it was essential that the Scanner UX was friendly and intuitive.

Katapult developed a simple, clear UI that provides both visual and multilingual prompts. The high contrast graphics and iconography of the digital interface were conceptualised and then prototyped in a similar way to the physical product, allowing key stakeholders to test the device in a realistic and critical way.



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