Current walking frames have remained fairly stagnant in terms of design innovation almost since they were invented. Key issues of stability and ease of use, particularly on sloping or rough terrain, create problems for users. US based startup Mobilate felt there was an opportunity to create a real paradigm shift in mobility and came to Katapult to help make their idea a reality.


Industrial Design
User Experience
Production Documentation
Supplier Sourcing
Production Implementation
Branding, graphic design & illustration

Industrial Design and Engineering

​After our team completed a detailed evaluation of the crude test rig it was clear to everyone involved that the idea had merit. Our challenge now was to make a complex mechanism simple, safe and cost effective. Oh, and it was essential we make it look cool to remove the stigma traditionally associated with mobility aids.

Our team focused on creating a great UX. We needed a walker that adjusted for inclines or declines intuitively, that was simple and absolutely failsafe to operate, was lightweight yet super stable under heavy loads and remained cost effective to manufacture.

Over the next 18 months Katapult, Kismet and our preferred suppliers worked through concept sketches, 3D CAD models, various rounds of prototypes and testing of pre-production samples to develop a product that is truly a game changer for this industry.

This global collaboration produced ground breaking features like the patented Cam Lock hub less clutch mechanism, the safety lock system to avoid accidental actuation, rapid deploy wheels and the fully collapsible frame for easy storage, giving users a new found freedom.


Branding and aesthetics are crucially important to the success of Mobilate. We always felt that the product needed to look stunning, so great care was taken to consider the design details at every stage.

Different models were developed to fit within the folio of 2 sub-brands, Roami and Warrior. Roami was primarily aimed at the traditional user of mobility aids, whilst Warrior was given a slightly sportier edge and targeted at younger users including returned veterans and injured athletes.

Katapult worked closely with Mobilate to create these new brands, associated colourways and product accessories to present a clear and desirable offering to the market. In addition, we went to great effort to craft product graphics and instructional literature that make using the Mobile walker range as easy as a walk in the park.

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