Model #3

Simple Watch Company

​The Model #3 watch continues the Simple Watch Company tradition of minimal, modern timepieces with an eye on classic designs.


Industrial Design
Production Documentation


As the SWCO brand grows, the need to be consistent with all the customer touchpoints increases. Katapult was tasked with developing a retail pack that was both sophisticated and sustainable, the result is a single sized box that suits all models by utilising a specific drop-in moulded paper pulp tray for each model. We even incorporated a subtle storage envelope in the lid for the quick start guide and warranty. On brand and on the money.

Inclusive Design

Whilst the design brief for the Model #3 was always to develop a rectangular watch format, our goal was to create a design that is clearly part of the Simple Watch Company family. The new style shares the clean lines and minimal styling of it’s predecessors, but also opens up new markets. By developing 2 different sizes, with different colourways, finishes and bands, Model #3 became a genuine unisex product. The final result is a high quality, yet affordable range that allows the wearer to express their individual style.

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