Simple Watch Co.


​At Katapult we pride ourselves on building long standing client relationships founded on mutual trust and genuine collaboration. Our relationship with Simple Watch Co. is a great example.

Our team worked closely with key stakeholders at Simple Watch Co. to generate a new range of watches inspired by classic guitars and modern architecture.


Industrial Design

Colour, Materials & Finishes

Stylish timepieces require an attention to detail and quality that reflects their value and importance within a wearer’s lifestyle. Our approach was to utilise durable, honest materials, satin or brushed finishes and simple, precise graphic elements to set the tone.

Presented with a muted palette of earthy colours and high quality wristbands, the new Simple Watch Co. range remains modern and refined, whilst building on the company’s trusted brand history.

product design and development

All photos provided by Simple Watch Co. & photographed by Jahria Langford.

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