Introducing PleyoStation – an interactive and immersive experience like no other. Katapult have worked closely with the Pleyo team to commercialise their patented technology, which turns a mini-trampoline into an advanced game controller.

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Bringing Technology to Life

When the Pleyo team approached us they had a working proof of concept test rig. What they needed was a visually impactful prototype to showcase their product and attract investment opportunities, the project was a perfect fit for our skillset.

We initially focused on the best ways to integrate the hardware technology into the allocated compact footprint. We developed initial formats and once we had an option that both teams agreed on, began creating concepts of the PleyoStation to bring it to life.

The concepts developed quickly, with visuals, full scale mockups and then pre-production prototypes helping the team test the product and refine their technology.

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Helping a Startup Score Points

Pleyo’s challenge, like many startups, was to quickly and cost effectively develop a compelling concept that enabled them to showcase their new technology in order to catch consumers attention and gain further investment from key stakeholders to launch an MVP.

Katapult’s nimble approach allowed us to dovetail in with the Pleyo team, rapidly iterate after their feedback and guide them in project planning with advice on design, strategy and UX. This ability to ‘expand and contract’ the support Katapult provides helps startups smooth the inevitable bumps on the road to product success.


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