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Every parent knows the feeling of looking after a sick child. You’re anxious, exhausted and uncertain about how to deal with a distressed infant. Things can very quickly become overwhelming.

RestAssured is a smart wearable thermometer designed specifically for monitoring the temperature of infants and young children when they have a fever. It is simple and intuitive to use, even when you’ve had no sleep and feel overwhelmed by circumstance.


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Joint Venture

RestAssured is the brainchild of Fidelis Technologies, a joint venture between Katapult Design, leading edge digital health company uHealth and electrical engineering and software consultants Procept. The group pooled their collective talents to develop a product that utilised cutting edge technology but remained user friendly.

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Simple onboarding

In this market, balancing COG’s with the conflicting needs of retail shelf impact and clever, seamless ‘onboarding’ of the new user was critical. Our team developed a cost effective re-useable retail case that provided an accessible quick start guide to help parents quickly set the device up each time.

Calm & considered UX

Our key driver in developing RestAssured was to create a simple, welcoming UX. We worked with parents, children, medical professionals and technologists to develop a clear and considered smart phone app user interface that helped parents navigate the stress of an unwell child.

Care was taken to communicate information succinctly and at an urgency level that was appropriate. It was just as important to quietly indicate that the baby was ok to allow a parent to go back to sleep as it was to alert the parent to a significant worsening of condition.

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Reliable tech in a tiny package

RestAssured accurately measures a child’s temperature and communicates the information wirelessly to a parents smart phone in real time. The complex technology package needed to fit within a small, safe enclosure that would be reliable and easy to operate.

The Katapult team worked with the other stakeholders to design, develop, prototype and test the product to meet rigorous global medical standards.

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