Cyclone Tools

Sculpt is distinctive range of shears and loppers for Cyclone Industries aimed at capturing market share with its contemporary aesthetic, high-quality cutting performance and simplified, ergonomic design.


Industrial Design
Production Documentation
Production Implementation

Branding and Packaging

Katapult conceived and refined the brand identity for Sculpt for use on the tools, packaging and POS. The branding is designed to echo the product range’s ‘cutting quality and simplicity’ promise.

Research and field testing found that the current cardboard packaging was problematic, often getting damaged before making it to stores. It was imperative that any new packaging reflected the quality and robustness of each product, as well as have shelf presence, be simple to fit and have a low cost of goods. Katapult designed a polypropylene solution that heroes the product and captures product features in a graphical language reminiscent of the overall design ethos.

The Design

Cyclone’s market research identified price, quality and cutting performance as top priorities for consumers. This set our design intent from early on. After reviewing Cyclone’s existing range, we saw an opportunity to create a less complicated range with reduced part count, simpler assembly and a visually cleaner design aesthetic.

Katapult utilised an innovative forming process to create a unique bowed profile and variable handle cross section for optimum strength. In combination with refined mechanisms, reduced component counts and higher quality materials & finishes, this technical innovation helped set the the Sculpt range apart from competitors at the high performance end of the garden tool market.

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