Dry Herb Range

Vessel Brand

Working with startups can be very rewarding for our team. Helping our clients realise their vision by taking an initial idea and making it sing is what gives us wings. In the case of California based Vessel Brand, we’ve had the pleasure of supporting them from inception to market leadership. Their business success story is design led.


User Experience
Industrial Design
Product Documentation
Supplier Sourcing
Production Implementation

Elegant sophistication

Cannabis use has come a long way in a short time. As the legitimate markets open up to modern economies, the build quality and user experience of the associated products needed to step up too.

Katapult worked closely with Vessel’s thought leaders and artisan producers to design and develop the Air range of glass ‘single hitters’. These beautifully crafted smoked glass devices look simple but are deceptively complex to manufacture with an integrated divider wall and a narrowed mouth profile for better feel.



Devil in the detail

Vessel’s brief was to develop a ‘high end’ single hitter that improved the product UX. How do we minimise the heat felt in the throat, whilst optimising the taste and feel of the experience?

Katapult’s engineers looked to other industries and leveraged our heat sink knowledge. Heat dissipation relies on material properties and surface area to perform well. After prototyping and testing a range of concepts the revolutionary Helix design was developed. The brass spiral lengthens the travel path and increases the surface area, drawing heat out of device and improving the ‘feel’ of the experience at the same time. This clever thinking created a unique, patentable feature for Vessel.




The ROI of ongoing design refinement and product iteration is sometimes overlooked, however it is something we work tirelessly on with our long term clients. Whether it’s applying proprietary technology across related categories to build out the brand story or pushing into completely new product areas with innovations that explore improved customer UX and challenge expected norms, we place a huge emphasis on a considered, coordinated approach.

The Ember ashtrays were designed in anodised aluminium, polished brass or cast concrete to sit beautifully within the Vessel range, with an attention to detail that reinforces Vessel’s commitment to quality.



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