Attention To Detail

One thing we love at Katapult Design is attention to detail. This simple philosophy is the cornerstone of nearly all great achievements in life but in design it should be considered a mantra. Attention to the small things proves that you care. It highlights a deeper connection and insight. It often leads to those little moments where somebody is surprised and delighted in an unexpected way. That’s where design becomes rewarding.

We look at design as a craft. One we’re passionate about and super proud of, but we also consider ourselves custodians of commercial success. We work hard with our clients to ensure that products meet required Design Standards, COG’s and time to market targets. Often these challenges are as hard as any within a project. A project that proved both challenging and rewarding for us in the development phase was Roami, the clever articulating mobility walker we designed for and with Kismet Holding Group.

Roami uses a patented quick release locking mechanism that instantly adjusts to any angled terrain like stairs or slopes and then re-locks safely into place, allowing users to traverse everyday obstacles more easily. Whilst perfecting this specific technical adjustment was hard enough, the real challenge in this project lay in creating a product that achieved the complex UX outcomes the client wanted, yet did so in a safe way at a commercially effective cost.

Our designers and engineers worked closely with our clients and their preferred suppliers to push the DFM process hard. Costs were reduced, problems were solved and details were refined. It was both a stressful and rewarding time, but the end result is a product that offers an increased level of freedom to many that didn’t have it before. Worth it!

You can see more about the project here

24th April 2023

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