Our Approach

Every project is different and requires subtle changes to our thinking and delivery, however we are always guided by our 6-stage process.

1. Listen + Understand

We seek to fully understand the problem we are trying to solve. We talk to our clients, their customers, potential suppliers, competitors and any other stakeholders to gather information. We get out of the office; we ride on trains, visit shopping malls, use sample products, observe and imagine what might happen in the future. We ask people questions and establish the guiding principles that underpin our thinking moving forwards.

2. Think + Create

Once we have gathered our research, we think. We imagine solutions, we challenge the status quo, we re-think what others have always done. Then we create. We sketch, we build mock-ups, we use found objects, whatever it takes to get to the idea. We produce concepts that will delight and surprise. Concepts that we know can be developed.

3. Develop + Refine

After selecting the preferred direction we develop the detail. We produce 3D CAD models that consider every aspect of the new design: Fits, function, appearance, feel, manufacturability, cost. We consult with suppliers, manufacturers, industry experts and our clients to develop a design. We test, evaluate, evolve and refine the design until we are satisfied it is the one.

4. Prototype + Test

Once the preferred design is developed we build fully detailed working prototypes that bring the product to life. We test the prototype as if it were a real product. We pay attention to the detail, look for problems and rectify them to ensure they don’t become issues down the line. We encourage our clients and their customers to interact with the models to test our design and ensure fitness for purpose.

5. Review + Define

Once the prototypes have been fully tested by Katapult and our client we conduct a thorough refinement phase where product details are reviewed and finalised prior to production. CAD files and production specs are reviewed, revised and completed for compliance with local and international design standards. This package of documentation fully defines the product and can be issued for final production quotes and subsequent manufacture.

6. Implement + Support

The final data set is then issued to the selected supplier(s). We work closely with them to ensure design intent is maintained throughout the process and the final result is as expected. We review tooling files, advise on production issues, critique pre-production samples and marshall our team. We are our clientʼs eyes and ears as their dream becomes reality.